Unit 3 Poplar Grove Trading Estate Crewe Cheshire CW1 4AX

What Do We Have To Offer?

house front


PET can also provide a wide variety of alternative access equipment for projects with a short time duration.

The equipment and services we offer are….

Site Fence Hire/Erection Or Sales
Temporary Roof System Hire & Installation
Chimney Decks Hire & Erection
Rubbish Chute Hire & Erection
Spandeck Handrail & Gantry System Hire
Bumpa Tile Elevator Hire
Safety Net Sales
Electric scaffold hoist Hire
Aluminium Towers Hire/Erection
Soft Landing Bags Hire
Tracked Spider Cherry Pickers Hire
4 x 4 Scissor Lifts Hire
Builders Trestles & Boards Hire & Sales
Ladders Hire & Sales


Stair towers

‘Haki’ access stairs in a combination of either 1.0m, 1.5m or 2.0m flights for maximum safe access to and from our scaffolds

Temporary roofs

Using the lightweight and highly adaptable ‘Ubix’ system roof enables PET to quickly erect a temporary weather resistant cover over any exposed buildings that need protecting from the elements.

Deep Aluminium beams

Using deep framed aluminium beams allows PET to construct spanned platforms with a mixture of widely spaced beams and substantial load capacities.

Apollo Scaffold ties

Dry fix non-rust plastic insert ringbolts with scaffold hook fittings used to secure our scaffold to the building structure

Protection Fans & Public Access Ways

In accordance with Council specification

Ladder trapdoor platforms

secure metal trapdoors that lock into the open position for ease of use but which can be either opened or closed from below. Safe and convenient to use

Combisafe Edge protection

safe, secure, and professional edge protection panels for maximum safety and ease of operation.

Fall Arrest

Mansafe roof anchoring systems with retractable lanyards and harness to accompany fall arrest bags.


Training is available on site, or in our purpose built classroom

IPAF Mewp Operator, PASMA: Tower erector training